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The appearance and characteristics of natural stone are determined by the manner in which the stone was formed.  Each natural stone is exceptionally unique, as there are no two places on earth with the same geological composition nor do they experience precisely the same geological forces.  Each piece can drastically differ in density, hardness, porosity and aesthetics.  It is important to ensure that the stone considered for use is applicable to the demands of the project and has a good track record for such installations. 

Living room:

Marble Premium Gris

dimensions (mm): 305 x 305 x 7 mm

Location: Lonay, Switzerland

Hammam Milluna Concept:

Marbre Premium Gris, dimensions: 40 / 60 / 80 x 400 x 25 mm
Marbre Premium Gris, mosaic, brush matte finish, dimensions: 305 x 305 mm
Travertin Premium Orange, slab, brush matte finish, dimensions: 550 x 1500 x 40 mm
Marbre Premium Gris, brush shine finish
Marbre Premium Beige, dimensions: 300 x 150 x 25 mm

Location: Mont-sur-Lausanne (Vaud)

Office area:

Marbre Premium Gris

brush matte finish

dimensions: 400 x long. free x 17 mm

Location: Cugy, Switzerland

Swimming pool:

Travertin Premium

dimensions: 400 x long. free x 30 mm

Location: Peyres-Possens , Switzerland

Garden stairs:

Travertine Premium Beige

dimensions: 15 x 30 x 25 mm

Location: La Conversion, Lutry, Switzerland